Monday, May 29, 2006

Floored Moustaches. And other hairy beasties.

Once upon a time I promised a friend (A!Friend) that I would stop calling her at indiscriminate moments to complain about things.

And now I think she will be happy to hear that she can sit, Buffy, snuffle chocolate or (erm.. and) stitch in peace. Because, apparently, out in the great big interknitverse there are already enough people worrying about Nick's moustache that I am not required, any longer, to wax (!) not-particularly-lyrical (read: moan) about it. Nor share that joy with her.

And the reason I know this? Well, after extensive investigation (and a two word google search involving the terms "CSI"and "Moustache") I have discovered said moustache has websites and petitions and odes and wee children dedicated to its very existence.


Still, the interverse probably needs my three cents. And so to Nick (& George) I say

Shave. It. Off.


Oh, but on another note. Movies with open captioning? Fabulous for the deaf. Not so brilliant for the visually orientated hearing types (read Me, me, me!) Apparently, given a choice between watching the action and reading the script, I'm incapable of not following the non-bouncing text.

Highlight of the night of the open captioning? The floored character. The character with floors. (um.. folks? Open captioners? Bueller?)

--Antipodean!Julie, floor-free since '03

But... that character had depths. Or heights. Or maybe it was storeys?
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